Consulting and coaching

Consulting and coachingWhen consulting, I assist, support and educate parents in managing their day-to-day relationships with their children and navigating the process of coparenting. One of the most significant ways this is accomplished is by addressing communication problems.

When coaching parents, my focus is to increase their understanding of developmentally appropriate behaviour in their children and how best to respond to it as necessary. Together, we identify and develop strategies for managing their children’s behavioural concerns. Current research indicates that children thrive and relationships between child and parent are strongest when both parents are engaged with their children in healthy meaningful relationships, and consistent and predictable in their parenting.

By coaching parents who are struggling with challenging parenting partners, I offer guidance and suggest strategies for developing more effective communication and managing those high-conflict relationships.

My goal is to help parents learn and use the skills they need to be better equipped to maintain these healthier relationships on their own.