My work

Nancy's officeMy work includes counselling, mediation, coaching, consulting, and custody-related forensic services. I provide counselling for individuals to help them develop assertiveness skills, manage anger, reduce stress, manage anxiety, reduce depression, adjust to life transitions and more effectively cope with employment/work-related concerns. I work with couples, parents and families to help them create more meaningful relationships.

I offer support to families by providing:

•  mediation of divorce and family matters;
•  parenting coordination & parent coaching;
•  parenting assessments for child custody and;
•  other court-related interventions including reuinification therapy

I have been trained in the use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and offer that method to assist clients strugging with anxiety and other trauma issues.

I particularly appreciate working with clients of any age to help them repair and strengthening the parent-child relationships. In addition to my extensive experience as a family mediator and volunteer mediator with Alberta Justice, I have also facilitated employer-employee and agency-client matters for the private sector.

I am a registered psychologist and have completed additional training in mediation and parenting coordination.