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Nancy Rohatinsky, MC, R. Psych.

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Nancy Rohatinsky

I'm Nancy,

and I'm a registered psychologist specializing in working with families. My clients include children and adults, couples, parents, intact families and those who are considering separation, are in the process of separating or have already separated. I also provide counselling for individuals looking for support in addressing a variety of issues including anxiety and depression and relationship problems.

My practice is rooted in helping people to discover their own inner strengths and resources. I believe that by empowering clients' self-discovery, they can tap into their own resiliency and become better equipped to live their best lives. As a guide, I work with clients to help them identify their goals then step away as clients feel ready to continue on their own. If this resonates with you, we should talk.

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I specialise in helping individuals, couples and families resolve a variety of family-related challenges. In addition to "talk therapy" I also offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desentitization and Reprocessing) to clients dealing with anxiety and trauma. I have extensive training and experience in mediation, parenting coordination (with or without arbitration) for families whose relationships have become strained or estranged. I provide bilateral custody evaluations (Practice Note 8 Child Custody/Parenting Assessments) and Practice Note 7 Interventions including Voice of the Child, Reunification therapy (parent-child contact problems), Triage and other Therapeutic Interventions.

Empowering You Psychological Services
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Collaborative and goal-centred approaches for individuals, couples, parents, and families seeking assistance in resolving a variety of challenges.

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Facilitated and co-created mediation experiences for couples and parents dealing with issues related to their separation and/or divorce.

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Carefully designed services for parents experiencing high conflict in their co-parenting relationships.

Looking for help?

Have you been struggling for some time? Are your usual ways of managing just not working? Are you simply ready to make changes you've thought about for a while and need some help getting started? Witih some guidance, you can access the tools you already have within you to make the changes you want in your life. I will be your guide.

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Latest news and insights

Read about some of the latest changes, research, and points of view in the industry (including mine from time to time). And feel free to suggest anything we should be writing about!

  • PN7?


    What is a PN7 and what do people mean when they use that term anyway? It can sometimes get a little confusing so I’ve broken it down to add a little clarity. A PN7 is a Court of Queen’s Bench Family Law Practice Note 7. A Practice Note describes a legal process that is accessible […]

  • It may not be alienation

    It may not be alienation

    There are many factors that contribute to parent-child contact problems that result in children refusing to have contact with parents. Rejected parents frequently explain this situation in terms of “alienation” but what does that really mean?

  • A bit about a Practice Note 7

    A bit about a Practice Note 7

    A Practice Note 7 is sometimes incorrectly understood as a specific process when in fact it refers to an explanation of law and practice on key legal issues.

  • Choosing a parenting coordinator

    Choosing a parenting coordinator

    Separation and divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences that people can go through, and it only gets more complicated and challenging when children are involved.

  • When it might be time for mediation

    When it might be time for mediation

    Here’s the scenario – you need to come up with a solution but there are different points of view. Ideally, you are able to debate the issues and negotiate amicable terms on your own.

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