Nancy Rohatinsky, MC, R. Psych.

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Now that the Province has rescinded the COVID-19 mandates that were previously in place, I am pleased to be able to offer all clients the option of booking in-person or on-line (via Zoom) appointments beginning March 1st, 2022.

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Nancy with her granddaughter

I'm Nancy,

and I'm a registered psychologist specializing in working with families. My clients include children and adults, couples, parents, intact families and those who are considering separation, are in the process of separating or have already separated. I also provide counselling for individuals looking for support in addressing a variety of issues including anxiety and depression and relationship problems.

My practice is rooted in helping people to discover their own inner strengths and resources. I believe that by empowering clients' self-discovery, they can tap into their own resiliency and become better equipped to live their best lives. As a guide, I work with clients to help them identify their goals then step away as clients feel ready to continue on their own. If this resonates with you, we should talk.

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During Covid-19, I am continuing to provide services by the use of videoconferencing and have flexible appointment times available. I am a trained EMDR therapist and able to effectively offer this form of therapy to those struggling with anxiety online. I specialise in helping individuals, couples and families resolve a variety of family-related challenges. In addition to "talk therapy" I also offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desentitization and Reprocessing) to clients dealing with anxiety and trauma. I have extensive training and experience in mediation, parenting coordination (with or without arbitration) for families whose relationships have become strained or estranged. I provide bilateral custody evaluations (Practice Note 8 Child Custody/Parenting Assessments) and Practice Note 7 Interventions including Voice of the Child, Reunification therapy (parent-child contact problems), Triage and other Therapeutic Interventions.

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Have you been struggling for some time? Are your usual ways of managing just not working? Are you simply ready to make changes you've thought about for a while and need some help getting started? With some guidance, you can access the tools you already have within you to make the changes you want in your life. I will be your guide.

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